Spectrum Editing


At Spectrum Editing, we love books and the people who write them: that’s why we put a special emphasis on book-editing services. Whether you’re writing an urban fantasy novel, a children’s book or your memoirs, we can help with everything from developing the outline of the story to polishing the final draft. To see what Spectrum can do for you, send in a sample of up to 5 pages (250 words per page) and we’ll edit it for free.



Because we offer different levels of editing and because every book project is unique, Spectrum does not have a set fee structure. Rates are calculated based on a number of factors, including the type of editing requested and the technical complexity of the manuscript. For example, basic copy editing of the final draft of a 250-page novel might cost $35 per hour and take approximately 30 hours, for a total of $1,050. We’ll be happy to look over your book, discuss your needs and give you a free estimate.