Spectrum Editing

Other Projects

Could your company newsletter or annual report use some polishing? Do you want to make sure your website content is error-free? Does your academic paper need editing before you submit it? Spectrum can help meet these and many other editing needs.

How it works

Send an email to spectrumediting23@gmail.com with a brief description of the project, instructions on whether you want it proofread or copy edited (see below) and the document attached as an Adobe PDF or Microsoft Word file. We’ll send you a response confirming that we’ve received it and providing you with an estimate. After you’ve given us the go-ahead, we’ll proofread or copy edit the document via Acrobat (for PDF files) or Track Changes (for Word files). Then we’ll email the completed project back to you.

Levels of editing

Proofreading ensures that the following are correct:

Copy editing includes everything listed above, as well as:

Please note that for some projects, more substantive editing will be recommended. Spectrum will advise you if that’s the case and will provide you with a free estimate.